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The Future of Occupational Health and Safety

The Vision of 15 Professionals

Occupational health and safety has evolved so much over the years and it hasn’t stopped yet, workers continue to face risks on a daily basis and the global pandemic has brought more safety issues to attention than ever before.

With the continual evolution of workplaces and technology, occupational health and safety must also continue to advance.

For this reason, we spoke to 15 professionals to see where they believe the future of occupational health and safety is going.

"We will be giving greater weight to the needs of each individual using tools that help experts select individual equipment in a personalised way."

Jaime Díaz-Terán Goñi
Commercial Industry Channel Director 3M Iberia
3M Iberia

"I believe that much of the face-to-face training can be partially replaced or substituted by technologies such as virtual reality."

Sergio Bravo
VR Trainer and H&S Professional

The Vision of 15 Professionals:

Susana Romero Miguel, Secretary General, AEPSAL
Sergio Bravo, VR Trainer and H&S Professional, Ludus
Hugh Maxwell, Managing Director, Maxwell Safety Limited
Patricia Cabrera Martínez, EHS Manager & Sustainability Leader South Europe, Griffith Foods
Pablo Medina Sánchez, Occupational Health and Safety Professional, PrevenControl
Denis Leblond, EMEA Channel Marketing Director, Ansell
Amandeep Beesla, Director of Safety Insight & Innovation, Salus

Ismael Sánchez-Herrera, President, AEPSAL
Rebecca Wormleighton, Chief Operating Officer, Zendelity Corporation
Manuel Cortizas Turégano, Health and Safety Consultant, Asepeyo
Alberto Lozano, Technical Director, Petzl Technical Institute Spain
Carmen Gallo Castro, Doctor of Occupational Medicine, Occupational Health and Safety Centre Sevilla - Regional Government of Andalusia
Luis Martínez, Business Development Manager Iberia, Bollé Safety
Sergio Gallardo, HOP Trainer and Consultant & ERGOHOP Podcast Creator, ERGOHOP